Affiliate Disclosure

Cycling Addicts is not owned by a major corporation, it is merely a website built by cyclists, for cyclists. As a result, we genuinely care about the user experience of every visitor to this website. We want all visitors to Cycling Addicts (and members) to have the best experience possible.

One thing we always wish to be able to do (where reasonably practicable) is to make our website accessible for free and in order to achieve this goal whilst still being able to cover our running costs we made us of something known as “affiliate links” on certain pages of our website.

If you visit a vendor’s website via an affiliate link & make a qualifying purchase, then we may earn a commission as a result.

The important point, however, is that when you make a purchase, the price you pay will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link – but by using the affiliate links, you are helping to support Cycling Addicts & secure its future.

Our opinions are also never influenced by commissions or partnerships, either. Our content remains (and always will remain) entirely unbiased.

Furthermore, we believe very strongly in transparency & as a result, on any pages that may contain affiliate links, you will always see a disclaimer to make you aware that the links on that page may indeed be affiliate links. If you do not wish to use them, simply visit the websites directly.

We hope, however, that you choose to use the affiliate links in order to help support us. We hugely appreciate all of those that support us.

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