The Best Garage & Wall-Mount Bike Storage Solutions

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If you’re a true cycling addict then one of the things you’ll only be too familiar with is finding yourself laying awake at night thinking about where to store your latest addition (or soon-to-be addition) to your bike collection.

The good news, however, is that tonight you can sleep easy because we’ve got the answers. We’ve searched high & low for the best garage & wall-mount bike storage solutions & in this blog post, we’ll be revealing what we found.

Hint: One of them could turn out to be your best <£10 cycling purchase of the year so far.

So without further ado, let’s dive in & take a look at the solutions…

Best Garage & Wall-Mount Bike Storage Solutions

There are 3 primary things that you want from a good wall-mount bike rack. Those 3 things are sturdiness, compactness, and the ability to easily store more bikes should you decide to grow your collection.

So those are the 3 primary factors we took into consideration when looking for the solutions.

1. Mottez Indoor Vertical Bike Rack

Mottez Bike RackOne of the best simple & reasonably-priced solutions we came across was the vertical bike rack sold by a company called Mottez.

The rack is extremely easy to install, well built for stability & provides the ability to store up to 5 bikes vertically along your wall. The rack’s designed to hook your bikes by their wheels rather than their frames & for extra measure, all of the hooks are plastic coated to prevent any damage.

If you’ve got multiple bikes or plan on owning multiple bikes, the Mottez indoor vertical bike rack would make a very good choice, no doubt.

You can learn more about it here.

2. Aimezo Adjustable Bike Storage Rack

Aimezo Bike RackThe Aimezo back rack is a truly fantastic little storage rack that can store up to 4 bikes (providing they don’t exceed a total of 50kg).

It’s similar to the Mottez rack mentioned above, but the advantage with this rack is that each of the hooks can be moved along the rack so you can easily adjust the positioning to best suit your bikes.

The downside? It holds 1 less bike.

But there is another advantage to this rack, which is that due to its design, it can be pretty much used for hanging anything & keeping it neat against the wall.

So if you’re looking for a solution to hang your bike and your kit, then this particular rack may be a good choice.

You can learn more about it here.

3. Mottez Ceiling Bike Hanger

Mottez Hanging Bike RackThis is an absolutely excellent bike storage option for anybody who has high ceilings and is looking to keep their floorspace clear.

The bike hanging system simply fixes to the ceiling of your garage or wherever you want to store the bikes & comes complete with a pulley system which allows you to easily hoist your bike up to store.

This allows you to store bikes across your ceiling space, yet continue to use the empty underneath as well in order to maximise your overall storage.

The downside? You’re restricted by the weight of what the hanger (and your ceiling) can hold… And whilst it’s a great idea, a “hoisted bike” just doesn’t feel as secure as one that’s fixed to a solid frame.

With this option, you may once again be finding yourself restless at night worrying about your pride & joy suffering from the fate of a “crash, bang wallop”.

You can learn more about it here.

4. Charles Daily Wall Mount Bike Rack

Charles Daily Bike Wall MountIf storage space is a bit of an issue then you might find yourself struggling to store bikes against the wall & instead need to store them along the wall, so they’re as compact as possible.

The solution?

A good old basic wall-mounted bike rack, like the Charles Daily bike rack (pictured).

There are tons of variations of these & you can pick them up from pretty much anywhere, but the Charles Daily version, in particular, is pretty sweet as not only does it have excellent protective cushioning, but it also folds away when not in use.

Yes, the downfall is that you can only store a single bike on one of these types of racks, but the upside is that you can buy as many as you like & easily store your bikes in a compact “up and down” fashion along a wall to maximize your storage space.

You can learn more about it here.

5. ByCyclogical Gripster

ByCyclogical GripsterThe important thing to initially point out here is that this particular device isn’t a rack that’ll hold your bike off the floor, but it is a very nifty & cheap solution for (safely) storing freestanding bikes along a wall.

And when we say safely, we mean safely for both the bike and the wall, as the device is designed to protect both.

There is a downside (and in our opinion, a serious product fall down) though, which is that the device fixes magnetically… Which means it only fixes to metal things.

Sure, if you’re handy with a drill you could quite easily drill through it & fix it to something… But come on, a little pre-drilled hole would have really gone a long way here.

Still, it’s a good option if you’ve got a lamppost in your garage.

You can read more about it here.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to easily store your bike & make the most of your storage space, but more often than not a simple, standard wall-mounted bike rack (like option 3 in the list) will do the trick.

By going down the route of that type of rack you keep your bikes compact to the wall, and you keep the flexibility to add or remove racks depending on the number of bikes you have.

Plus, when the bikes are off the rack you can also fold it away as if it was never there.

But it obviously all depends on your own situation, what space you’ve got & what you’re wanting to do in that space. For some situations, a simple tool like the Gripster may prove to be more effective.

Let us know your thoughts & current setup in the comments below. Have you come up with any innovative ways for storing your bikes whilst still managing to maximize the space available?


  1. No 4. Charles Daily Wall Mount Bike Rack for me, fantastic piece of kit and very cheap too, which is useful when you have a lot of bikes.

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