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  • April 4th Commondale Ride.

     grant updated 11 years, 9 months ago 3 Members · 3 Posts
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  • Gunner

    4 April 2009 at 7:20 pm

    Met Grant this morning at the Sporting Lodge at 0900 hrs sharp.

    The weather wasn’t as good as the last few days and it was just starting to drizzle but at least it wasn’t to cold. My riding excellence of the last few days seemed to have dissappeared after a 14 hour shift at work on Friday where I did nothing but eat out of pure boredom, feeling as if I had put on at peast 3 stone.

    Anyway, setting off,we headed through Stainton to Seamer and onto Stokesley, Grant was going at a good pace for someone not having been on the bike for a few weeks but i could sense that he was pushing it a little and the little climbs we were hitting were getting to him.

    From Stokesley we headed over to Easby and I at last started to find my legs 😀

    Dropping through the corner near Battersby I was quick on the run of successive little climbs that lead into Kildale with Grant struggling to keep up and slipping away from my rear wheel.

    We regrouped and rode quickly through Kildale and onto the start of the climb up Percy Rigg, I was again feeling quite strong and managed to keep in a relatively high gear for this climb, Grant again quickly lost momentum and was left to struggle up the climb.

    Fast descent down and across Sleddale Beck with me using my speed to get a good start on the really steep climb out of this valley. No chance of staying in a higher gear here, it was down into bottom and grind.

    Grant hadn’t used his momentum to full advantage and got a bad start on the climb, again having to really grind it out to stay on the bike to make the top.

    Regrouping at the top, it was a fast, mad, long descent into Commondale, this is a really brilliant bit of road, and it was head down and full speed.

    Again, at the bottom of the hill in Commondale it was a case of using momentum and getting as high up the climb as possible before having to thrash it down through the gears to sit and grind this climb out. This is another steep, long one.

    Again, Grant hadn’t taken maximum advantage of the speed gained on his descent and started this tough climb from much lower down. His legs were obviously starting to feel the effects of this cumulative climbing as his progress was slow and pained, and I was having a good climb.

    Waiting at the top, Grant finally appeared with the confession that he had had to get off and walk a section of the climb. Just shows what fitness can be lost with just a few weeks of the bike, Grant has always made this climb before.

    Getting up to the Castleton road, we turned for Lockwood Beck and into a very strong headwind. 🙄 🙄

    It was now heads down and into the wind with Grant sitting on my back wheel. Fast downhill section to Lockwood Beck then a steady, windy climb up Birke Browe. I broke away from Grant at the top and made a fast dash for the first corner, swinging wide as there was no traffic, only to be hammered by the wind as I made the turn, almost being blown off as I tried to lay the bike down for the bend…….. 😯 😯

    Only managed 30 mph on the downhill but managed to blast along on the impetus of it all the way to Slapewath. Slowed down to allow Grant to catch me, and then we put the hammer down, through Guisborough and onto the dual carriageway, really pushing hard into the wind. Grant had managed to find a second wind and was sitting hard on my rear wheel.

    We were really pushing it into this wind I can tell you.

    On through Nunthorpe, and along Brass Castle Lane before letting the pressure drop a little as we descended to Hemlington and back to the Sporting Lodge.

    A really good, demanding ride, at a strong pace. Luckily it had remained dry as well.

    35 mile all told.

    😀 😀 😀

  • hugo15

    4 April 2009 at 7:40 pm

    Sounds like you had a good ride. I was surprised how much the wind was blowing today. I am hoping to head out to Commondale tomorrow. I will then head to Castleton and the to Westerdale before coming back via Hob Hole. Should test the climbing legs a bit.

  • grant

    5 April 2009 at 5:38 am

    good ride today gunner, stuggled on hills tho after my 3 weeks off bike

    looks like i will have up my training now.

    towards the end of the ride i felt really good even with that bloody wind.

    cheers gunner

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