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Forums Forums The Workshop do wheels have to be ‘tight’ or issue with brakes?

  • do wheels have to be ‘tight’ or issue with brakes?

     stu8975 updated 5 years, 2 months ago 2 Members · 2 Posts
  • james_uk

    4 May 2015 at 12:41 am

    I know this may seem a very basic question, but i ask because i havn’t used my mountain bike in a while and i have just given it a whole clean, also cleaned the discs with muc off disc cleaner.

    i have tried re-aligning the brakes by un-tightening them then pulling the brakes and leaving them pulled, then tightening them again, but i still keep getting a little bit of slight noise from them as they spin, like the disc is slightly touching the pad sometimes (the pads are pretty new).

    Both wheels seem to spin pretty freely but do seem like something is slightly slowing them as they get slower.

    Its nothing major but something id like to fix.

    My other theory on this is the fact that my easy remove wheels are pretty tight, when i tighten them i do have a tendency to have to put a good amount of force into making the lever go over, i assumed this is right, but could this be the issue, do they not need to be ‘super tight’?



  • stu8975

    4 May 2015 at 9:04 am

    Process of elimination.

    Unmount the calipers, spin wheels – Spin slowly or problem is there, check wheel cones.

    Make sure pistons are pushed back into the caliper housing, use something plastic to avoid damaging the pads, then align…if you haven’t reset them when you fitted the new pads, this is probably your issue.

    Check your wheel is in straight.

    Check the disc for straightness…if only catches in certain places, it will need straightening…if it catches all the time, either its not aligned or you wheel may be slightly out of centre in the forks.

    Don’t rule out having to manually align your caliper…ie…move it by hand then tighten up..the easy ‘pull brake lever’ way sometimes doesn’t work 100% and may need a tiny nudge by hand.

    Skewer lever should be placed at a 90 degrees (pointing straight out) and the nut done up tight by hand, then close the lever, that should be enough to secure the wheel, no Hulk strength needed to tighten or undo them.

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