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  • Front Fork Design Questionaire

     arran25 updated 12 years, 4 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
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  • arran25

    29 December 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Hi all, I’m currently studying design technology for sport at university and part of my final year studies is to design a new front fork system for a road/track bike. My design brief is to design a more aerodynamic and lighter fork system.

    The questions being asked are a few general questions that shape my customer needs research and then go on to form part of my product design specification.

    A quick response with the appropriate answers would be great, also any other info that you think could be useful for me would be much appreciated. Cheers

    1. How much did you last pay for your front forks?

    a. Less then £50

    b. £50-£100

    c. £100-£250

    d. Over £250

    2. How often do you use does your current bike?

    a. Daily

    b. Weekly

    c. Monthly

    d. Less than monthly

    3. How long do to you expect your Front forks to last for before upgrading or being replaced?

    a. Less than one year

    b. 1-2 Years

    c. 2-5 Years

    d. Over 5 Years

    4. Rate the features you look for when buying a new front forks most, giving each feature a mark out of 10.

    a. Value for money

    b. Material

    c. Fork Rake/trail

    d. Shape

    f. Weight

    5. Would you buy a mono-blade fork design? (one sided fork with a cantilever wheel, such as the lotus bike 1992)

    a. Yes

    b. No

    If answered no to question 5 please explain why. Thanks

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