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  • Helping a local lad out

     redvision95 updated 5 years, 6 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • redvision95

    3 January 2015 at 12:34 pm

    I wouldn’t normally post anything like this anywhere but I think this is atleast worth a read and consideration..

    A young local lad who is quite possibly one of the nicest hard working people you could ever meet has had quite a rough time of it, Aged ten his dad left him, his mom, autistic brother and his little sister. a year later his mom was diagnosed with epilepsy after she had a seizure while on holiday with his nan. The docs have never properly been able to get it under proper control with medication, she has her good and bad days. He left school in year 8 to look after his mum, brother and sister and never went back but now aged 17 he attends college on a mechanics course and holds down a part time job aswell as cares for his family. He saved up for a year to buy his first brand new mountain bike which replaced his old beat up bike but a few months later his brand new bike got stolen from outside the place he works. he hasn’t been able to afford to replace it and is now riding 30 miles each day on a borrowed cheap bmx, hes a tall lad too so it cant be doing his back any good. he cant afford to use public transport and the system has kinda failed him in the sense of he gets no support because he works. apparently hes been getting down in the dumps about the whole thing lately so a few of his friends have decided to try and help by getting him a decent bike to commute on, I believe they have raised £100 so far but they need £250 more to get a bike that a)fits him b)wont fall to bits c)will last. ive already given them £30. could you help out? .

    I will personally update this as stuff happens, hes just a hardworking lad trying to make the best out of a shit situation and trying to do the best he can in life.

    As I said I wouldn’t usually post stuff like this anywhere but ive actually met this lad and know how much it would help him.

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