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     Jim Mc updated 4 years, 8 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Jim Mc

    26 October 2015 at 7:51 pm


    I’m tempted to buy myself a machine of some kind to do some winter excercise and save on the gym membership but I’m torn between what kind of machine to get, I’ve been considering one of the following three:

    – treadmill

    – pros – its what I spend the most time on in the gym, and probably provides the best results, I enjoy running outdoors and feel comfortable on these

    – cons – cheaper ones ive tried tend to have slack belts which skip, could be noisy for neighbours, boring, impact is starting to take its toll on my knees as I get older.

    – cross-trainer

    – pros – compact, like a treadmill only no knee impact problems, no noise, suspect even the cheaper models do the job adequately

    – cons – not quite as physically demanding as a treadmill

    – rower

    – pros – i dont get enough upper body and this helps tone, works upper body and has some effect on lower (but not much), compact

    – cons – I sit around too much in my day job and dont like the idea of being on my bum this doesn’t really work my legs as much as I would like

    P.S. I’ve considered a turbo for the bicycle (obviously) but I’m too lazy to clean the bike and I’d be afraid of oil flinging everywhere in my rental house even if I did clean it. I don’t really want an exercise bike, they don’t appeal to me at all.

    So could you make any recommendations on purchases based on the above? I don’t really want to spend more than £500 on a machine.

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