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  • I’m back! (& 3 x wheel repairs within 100 miles??)

     jb2_86_uk updated 2 years ago 2 Members · 3 Posts
  • jb2_86_uk

    18 June 2018 at 1:15 pm

    Hi all

    Long time away from MTBE, but just got myself set-up with another MTB after I had to begrudgingly sell my last one.

    I’ve picked up a Scott Scale 760 Hardtail from Evans, and in the last few weeks I have needed 3 wheel repairs for broken spokes & going out of true (2 x back and 1 x front – the latter may or may not have had something to do with the 240lb rider going over the handlebars having encountered a big hidden rut…. 🙄 ). (The wheels are Syncros 32H 27.5″ btw)

    Evans fixed the first rear issue, and they now have both wheel back following the most recent issue (also rear). The other incident (front wheel) was dealt with by my LBS.

    My concern is, when I called Evans the most recent time, they suggested it sounded like it could be a faulty hub, spokes or construction and they’d have the wheels back to look into a warranty replacement for me (It’s only 12 weeks/500 miles old). However when I dropped them off, the chap in the service dept said it was more likely they’ll just repair & re-true.

    If I do just get the repaired wheels back and the spokes continue to fail – short of learning to repair them myself, are there heavier-rider-friendly wheels available, and if so, what should I be looking for? My riding is all pretty gentle bridleway stuff, I’m not exactly throwing myself down mountains or shredding berms!

    (Edit to add, I’d also be interested in looking into a tube-less setup, particularly if I do enter the market looking for a new wheel set. I’m not a weighty-weenie in the slightest, but I have had numerous punctures and would be very interested in all but eliminating them. Providing my own weight wouldn’t be an issue with a tubeless set up)

    Anyway, nice to be back, looking forward to getting stuck in again


  • martini henrie

    18 June 2018 at 5:36 pm

    There are a number of places that can help, Nottingham bike works is a charity that can build wheels for you and give good advice. There are other places, but I haven’t used them.

    Other than that, I can suggest Delta bikes in Blidworth or Tredshop in Sutton in Ashfield for great advice and repairs. They’ve both done great work, and upgrades on my bikes over the last few years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

    Further to that there is always Sherwood Pines bike shop, and also the Bike Lounge in Hucknall for help and advice.

    Last one, have a look at the Notts Outlaws group on Facebook, a nice crowd with a range of ages, had my first social ride with them last weekend and was made thoroughly welcome


  • jb2_86_uk

    19 June 2018 at 9:10 am

    Thanks for the tips Martini, I’ll bear those in mind! I’ve just joined the Outlaws group. It’s actually around Edwinstowe that I’ve been doing the bulk of my riding, so that’s very handy!

    I’m just about to fit a towbar and cycle carrier to my car, so then I’ll be a bit better able to do things like social rides and venture further from home without exhausting myself en route first!


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