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  • John C of Ripon Loiterers.

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  • Gunner

    18 August 2009 at 7:17 pm

    I came across a post on another cycling forum whilst browsing for information regarding the Hell of the North ride. I have copied it and posted it below.

    It is regarding a chap with I would banter on the old “C+” forum, he would organise group rides around the Helmsley and Bransdale area and I would beg him not to as this area is best kept secret, etc.,etc.

    John has also posted rides which I have linked to on this site, and I do hope to catch up with him one day for a ride. Unfortunately, it seems he has had a nasty spill, totally out of the blue, much like Harry did.

    Just goes to show how easy it can be……….

    I qoute…………

    “”I came off yesterday. On the way home from work, it had been raining but the roads had dried up, I was coasting down a slight hill at about 20mph and entered the left hand bend as I have done dozens of times in the past when the front end of the bike went away from me and I was sliding down a very rough graveled road. A very pleasant lady stopped and asked if I was OK and my bravado made me say yes.

    She suggested I went to The Lamburt (local cottage hospital), I cycled the 5 1/2 miles home and my wife sent me to The Lamburt. They patched up my right knee, right elbow, right thumb and forefinger. Left knee, left middle finger, left elbow and left shoulder (that one’s sore). But I would have to go to The Friarage (local large hospital) to get my left cheek and eyebrow seen to. I explained to the doctors at The Friarage that yes I had been waring a helmet and gloves which was why my palms were OK and the top of my head also OK, but it was the safety glasses that had hit the road and were written off that had caused the cheek damage. The glasses in question were normal safety glasses of the skeletal design, ie no lower frame, so when excessive force was applied to them they cut into my cheek.

    As the dirt was so deeply embedded in my cheek/lower eyelid, The Friarage referred me to James Cook Hospital (The not so local big hospital) where they cut bits out and stitched me back togeather again, many thanks.

    Which brings out two points

    1. The NHS ain’t half a good organisation yanks take note.

    2. Check your glasses and if they are the racey skeletal ones, are they the right ones for you ?

    Who knows what the injuries would have been if I hadn’t been wearing any protective clothing , but I think I will be getting a different design of glasses shortly.

    The good news of the weekend is that my blood pressure is down to 130/70 and resting heartrate down to 56. Not bad for a 50 year old that was 2 stone over weight, had BP on the danger area 10 years ago.””

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