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  • Knog SLED lights

     Poucher updated 12 years ago 1 Member · 1 Post
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  • Poucher

    21 May 2009 at 8:36 pm

    Right, here’s that light review you asked about Gunner

    I really do think they are the bollox 😀 they are hardly noticeable on the bike, but with them being SLED’s ( Superbright LED’s ) you can’t half see them in flashing mode. 😯 😯

    I used them last night cos the light was a bit flat and I’m convinced it makes the car drivers take notice of you, and start to think about how they are safely going to pass you, ➡ it kind of shocks them awake and alert so they think “bike” 100 yds earlier, everyone who passed me last night did so in a very reasonable manner

    The rear light is a Knog Gekko, this pic is taken on constant mode, but it also has 4 other flashing modes which are really eye-catching

    The front light is a Knog Beetle, this has a constant and 3 flashing modes and and I think it puzzles people as to what it is, therefore you have 100% of their attention

    Look at the size of the front light compared to my trip computor, this is what I love about them, they are so small they are hardly noticeable. 😆

    I had them fitted when we did the Castleton ride, how many of you spotted them?

    Links with more details for both of them, Arthur Caygills at Richmond sells them as well

    Youtube link to show a demo of the rear Gekko in flash mode

    When the daylight goes “Flat” I switch them on, definitely feel safer, I’ll do a quick demo next evening ride we have, you’ll be amazed how noticeable the front one is 50 yds away.


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