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     SuPaReTrO updated 5 years ago 1 Member · 2 Posts
  • SuPaReTrO

    11 July 2015 at 1:06 pm

    silly title i know 🙄 i bought my orange clockwork 29er little over 1 year ago and in truth its been a bit of a nightmare and so ill tell my long and winded storey.

    first seen this bike at my local but they wouldn’t budge on its £850 price tag,pretty steep for a 1 year old bike but i loved the meaty i won’t name and shame but i found this in a slightly larger store online for £650 and i ordered it straight away.

    few days later i collected it and straight home,immediately i was out riding my local paths and all seemed ok.heading home after only 20 miles ish i noticed a nasty knock whenever i pulled the brakes so back as quick as i could to have a look.i inspected the bike with my next to zero knowledge and also noticed that a small chunk of top paint was missing around the bottom bracket and to top it all off the spring shot out of the forks with one twist of the top cap…not impressed.

    next morning i phoned the shop i bought the orange from who said he’d phone orange and get back to me.a few hours days i can’t remember passed and the phone rang,”sorry,apparently these frames are made abroad and wet painted,sometimes they are assembled before the paint cures and you’ll have to accept it or just return it”.

    before returning i thought feck it I’m emailing orange direct.i finally got through to Mark fielding who was head of sales i believe who was not impressed with the shop at all and offered me a new pro frame powder coated in either ice white or sterling silver,but at that time i wanted original orange colour,so he said i could either wait for new frame which would take a month or two or i could have upgraded fox forks headset and wheel/hub and keep original frame with a guarantee that if theres any problems ill get a new powder coated one.

    So all put back together and one or two rides later and guess what,no not the frame but fein headset loose again 👿

    final straw nearly.i decided to go to my local shop (strawberry cycles) to get it fully serviced,including new bars cut to size,headset sorted,crank sorted it was making some horrible noises and lots of other things..

    So one year from original purchase and at long last i feel like I’ve got the new bike i bought forever ago

  • SuPaReTrO

    11 July 2015 at 1:16 pm

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