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  • My Spring Ride for 2008

     Gunner updated 12 years, 10 months ago 2 Members · 10 Posts
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  • Agman

    1 February 2008 at 5:41 pm

    I’m planning a tour in the Easter week and in the stages of planning it. It is a straight forward ride and I’ve just ordered the Discovery map “Yorkshire Wolds, York & Hull” along with the “Yorkshire Moors & Coast” The two maps will cover the route I intend to take, with the exception of the Hornsea Trail which is part of the Transpennine Trail.

    I have a route on draft and probably cycle over to Middleton in Teesdale and head South to Barnard Castle to pick up the W2W to Whitby, down the Yorkshire coast to Scarborough, Bridlington and Hornsea, head inland to Hull, over to York and take the White Rose route back to Middlesborough.

    I have a choice of either clockwise or anticlockwise, I’ll probably opt for clockwise.

    The mileage is around 270-300 and will be medium to easy.

    I would like to take a mountain bike, but seeing most of it is on roads. I will take my Dawes Kara-Kum which will take rear and front panniers and I will be ofcause camping.

    I thought March may be early for camping, but hopefully the weather might improve by then.

    I will be taking photographs enroute and hope to get some good ones and post them on here.

    But until I get the map, then I can get to work on the route.

  • Gunner

    1 February 2008 at 5:51 pm

    What sort of tent are you opting for, do you have any pictures of it, also what about cooking/food, will you take a small stove/pan set or will you eat out?

    What sort of weight do you expect to be pushing, excluding you and the bike, fully laden.

  • Agman

    2 February 2008 at 3:19 am

    I’ve 4 tents and why do I need 4 tents. I suppose it like have 4 bikes, one for each purpose. The tent I’m taking will be The North Face Particle 13, which I got in the Nevisport sale last year. So it was a good buy for £135 and I have no photos at the moment, but will put a link on.


    As for cooking/food, probably keep it simple. The good thing about this route is I will be passing plenty of villages/ towns, so supplies won’t be a problem, which is the advantage of cycling.

    Also plenty of Fish & Chip shops as well as pubs, which I will use for a extra boost. I will be taking a Trangia 27UL stove and dishing up the usual crap like Smash mash, baked beans and fried egg. I will just cook whatever I fancy on the day, so there is no set menu. Getting meths is no problem enroute and will be taking a litre bottle of meths which will attach to the lower frame, that should last a week easy.

    For the total weight, good question. I will guess with the tent, sleeping bag, stoves, spare clothing, tool-kit etc. I think around 20-25lb, but need to hone in on getting the weight down to 15-20lb. When I did the Coast to Coast walk last year, I was carrying 25-30lb and that was averaging 15 to 22 miles a day. So cycling is a lot lot easier by camping standards and kinder to the knees.

    So over the next few weeks, I will be getting the gear together and checklisting it all.

    I will be taking the Ortlieb pannier bags both front & rear and these are 100% waterproof.

    Although, this weight may seem to some people, a bit frighting. What with some of the banks around Eskdale and the coast, it is. But the Dawes Kara-Kum is a true trekking bike and was built for cycle-camping and can handle easily some of the off-road stuff, due to the Schwalble Marathron 700×35 on. It can handle some of the steep climbs, due to having 27 gears. I went to the York Rally last year camping and took my Discovery 201 and that was fully loaded up.

    I’ve ordered a new Brooks B17 Standard saddle and I don’t think it will be broken-in in time for the ride, so the old Brooks may have to stay on.

    If anyone would like a better insight to cycle-camping, then look here. It may tempt you 😉

  • Gunner

    2 February 2008 at 11:07 am

    Nice link 😉

    Like 177, Gary and Carols tandem.

    Be sure to post a copy of your checklist, I’m sure it would be damned useful for any members/visitors in the future.

  • Agman

    2 February 2008 at 12:23 pm

    Sure will do. 😉 One word about the Particle 13, on the web. It shows only the inner tent 😕 it does however have a flysheet 🙂

    The map of The Yorkshire Wolds, York, and Hull as arrived in the post. Now I can get to plot a 6 day route based on 50 miles a day.

    I’m starting the ride from Stockton, over to Hornby to pick up the W2W and over to Whitby. Down the coast to Scarborough, Bridlington, Driffield, Hull, York and home.

  • Agman

    10 March 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Just a update about my tour in 2 week’s time. The plan is now looking like this. Stockton on Tees, Bishop Auckland, Hamsterley, Barnard Castle, Sleightholme Moor, Tan Hill, Kirkby Stephen, Appleby in Westmorland, Langwathby, Hartside, Alston, Nenthead, Yad Moss, Middleton in Teesdale, Staindrop, Richmond, Ingleby Cross, Hutton Rudby then follow through the Esk Valley for Whitby, then up to Saltburn by the Sea for train back home.

  • Gunner

    10 March 2008 at 7:43 pm

    Good, keep us updated, particularly on how you will break this down into stages and the time it takes to complete them 😉

  • Agman

    11 March 2008 at 10:26 am

    Got it down to 5 day’s cycling and takes in the North Pennines & North York Moors.

    Itinerary looking like this at the moment.

    Stockton – Keld via Bishop Auckland, Barnard Castle, Tan Hill….50 ml

    Keld – Langdon Beck via Kirkby Stephen, Appleby, Hartside, Alston..57 ml

    Langdon Beck – Ingleby Cross via Middleton in Teesdale, Barnard Castle, Richmond, Vale of Mowbray…53 ml

    Ingleby Cross – Robin Hood’s Bay via Hutton Rudby, Stokesley, Great Ayton, Commondale, Egton, Whitby…45 ml

    Robin Hood’s Bay – Saltburn via Whitby, Lyth, Hinderwell, Staithes, Skinningrove, Loftus…30 ml

    I will be still camping with 1 hostel and a lot wil depend on the weather in that week, so could be a big if. If weather is bad, then I will move the plan to June instead.

  • Agman

    15 March 2008 at 5:41 pm

    The planned Spring ride is now cancelled in favour of doing the Coast to Coast walk from Richmond to Robin Hood’s Bay. I will be planning now a C2C ride in June and hopefully the Wheelwright’s C2C in September.

  • Gunner

    15 March 2008 at 6:34 pm

    Busy, busy 😉 😉

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