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  • New ride has arrived….

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  • Anonymous

    30 October 2007 at 4:33 pm

    Well I finally got it….my Giant SCR4 and here it is…

    All I can say is that Roger and Tom at Biketraks were absolutely fantastic and helped me out to no end. Major bike companies could learn a thing or two about customer service from these two guys!!

    Anyway I set off from Gt. Ayton at 1136 paused to take a photo (see above) my only other stop was at Preston farm and I only stopped to phone the wife tto let her know I wouldn’t be too long!!

    I planned 2 hrs for the 16 mile ride home and I did it in 1hr 30!!! Result!! I thought if I do an average of 8mph I should be sorted…when I got home I checked the GPS for my average speed and was dumbfounded to find I’d averaged 15mph!!! Whoooaah! I was tonking along!! Anyway road bike being used for the winter and the commute to work.

    All in all one very happy bunny..the only down side…I have to ride to Gt Ayton to get any servicing done..!Damn! what will I do 🙄

  • Gunner

    30 October 2007 at 6:46 pm

    Nice looking bike Denny 😉

    It’s amazing what a good road bike can do for your performance and fitness. Mountain bikes are great, off-road, but for true speed you need a machine like you have just bought!!!

    Did you get any luck with any form of discount, Roger is a top bloke, only a small shop but “big” on the customer service side, not like some shops I have been in where they have a good look down their nose at you and try to baffle you with technicalities. Thankfully those type of shops are dissappearing.


  • Anonymous

    30 October 2007 at 7:53 pm

    I did get some discount but not for mentioning MTBE!!! 😕 the bike was supposed to be £350 and I got it for £319..sweet!

    He had a ’07 SCR4 in red/silver for £290 but I didn’t like the colour, I had my heart set on the ’08 model as I preferred the Black/white and silver scheme.

    With the little bit I saved, I splashed out on a new multi tool, some C02 canisters for my inflator and a spare inner tube (which Roger threw in with the bike) so all in all I WILL be going there from now on.

    I asked on the phone on my way to Gt Ayton about the 10% discount but he said that he was waiting for someone to get back to him, I can only assume he means Dale, I told him it wasn’t a big problem if he couldn’t but he said as I was bringing my own pedals he would knock a little bit off for me, I even got a bit knocked off the multi tool as well!! I felt as though it doesn’t matter whether you spend £2000 or £2 you would get treat the same.

    As for the ride home every pedal turn was a joy I most certainly would’ve stopped more than once had I been on the MTB and I feel as though I’ve got an incredible piece of kit for the money…..Move over Armstrong…there’s a new kid on the block 😆 😆

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