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  • Nice and hilly…….

     HarryB updated 12 years, 11 months ago 4 Members · 6 Posts
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  • Gunner

    5 June 2008 at 7:50 pm

    Nice route the other day on the roadie, and sub 2 hours, with some entertaining climbs to keep your legs strong.

    Starting from Stainton, headed off towards Seamer, then onto Stokesley. Leaving Stokesley, turn right to take the back road to Kirkby. At Kirkby turn left and on reaching the roundabout at Great Broughton turn right. Follow the B1257, climbing up Clay Bank, then relax on the long fast downhill that is the other side as you prepare for the fast straight section to Chop Gate. In Chop Gate turn right just before the Buck Inn and head for Carlton, along this mainly uphill stretch of road.

    Passing Lord Stones Cafe at the top of Carlton Bank there is a fast downhill into the village of Carlton, at the immediate end of the village take a left turn and after about 200 hundred yards cross the A172 and ride down Sexhow Lane to arrive at Hutton Rudby. Take a right turn at the top of this climb into the village then go straight on through the village for a fast downhill crossing the river with the church on your right. Climb this hill and then take a left and head for Hilton. Just before you enter Hilton village take the right turn which will bring you out at Maltby. Right turn here and you will back at the start point of Stainton

    Nice, fast route with some lovely climbs and stunning views.


  • Anonymous

    6 June 2008 at 9:00 pm

    Sounds sweet…..did a nice route myself last night with Stockton cycle group….Yarm Station to Crathorne following NCN 52 into Hutton Rudby (down and up) but on the way out of Hutton we turned left towards Seamer. Into Seamer left onto the Gt. Ayton rd and into Gt. Ayton turned around and came back to Seamer except we turned right towards Hilton and left to Middleton on Leven, right just outside Middleton on Leven towards Kirklevington then back to the Station car park.

    23.59 miles, 1hr56.55, av 12.1, max 34.4 (Hutton Rudby)

    Cracking ride…if you fancy it sometime or if anybody on the forum does I’ll be more than happy to accompany them (apart from the Middleton on Leven bit as the climb just past is a B***H!!)

    In the group I was with was a couple of lads who didn’t mind getting the power down and having a few sprints…..I’d have been a fool no to join in!!! I managed 33mph in 8th gear on one particular sprint chasing down one lad on an old Giant Terrago (he did have a canny head start on me), as my SCR has 16 gears it would’ve been interesting to see what speed I can get upto!! what a blast and an adrenaline rush!!!!! 😈 😛 😀

    PS This is the route (apart from Middleton on leven) that I’ll probably be using as a training route for TT’s as it’s nice and quiet so I’ll be able to get in some intervals without fear of being wiped out!!

  • Gunner

    7 June 2008 at 7:19 pm

    Yeah, know that route Denny, Me, Darren, and HarryB covered some of that on our Tuesday evening ride, however, we rather enjoyed the climb out of Middleton on Leven, masochist’s or what, it is rather steep though isn’t it.

    Why not organise/post a ride on the Forum and see who’s up for it?

  • Gunner

    8 June 2008 at 7:12 pm

    Did this route today, and was it HOT!!!!!

    I managed a great time up Clay Bank, really pushing myself, what was a great incentive was the 2 guys on MTB’s that I glimpsed in the distance just as I rounded the bend on the first part of the climb. Really hammered it past them, then on reaching the top there was that long downhill that seemed to last all the way to Chop Gate today.

    Anyway, 1hour 56minutes for the route today, 30.76 mile at 15.8 m.p.h.

    Looking down the valley towards Carlton.

    Looking over to Chop Gate.

    A very pleasing ride, all in all.


  • soshea

    9 June 2008 at 8:35 am

    that sounds like a good little run,when r u doing it again as i would like to tag along.did the stokeley circler the other week and realy enjoyed that 30 miles 1 hour 18 mins average speed 20.2 and 45 topped out at down clay bank.great fun…. 😈

  • HarryB

    14 June 2008 at 7:58 pm

    Gunner, that is a nice ride. Done it a few times.

    Think yourself lucky I was getting the hammer down on the Northern Rock 100-mile Cyclone Sportive.

    After last weeks nightmare on the White Rose Classic I needed a goood ride. Thanks God I got it. Well pleased and no rain.

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