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  • Not quite a ride yet!!!

     Jetmorgan updated 4 years, 1 month ago 3 Members · 7 Posts
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  • Jetmorgan

    15 November 2015 at 12:00 pm

    Well this is not quite a ride yet but things have started.

    A few years ago I bought a mountain bike frame with the idea of building myself a bike and keep the costs as near as I could to £0.00

    Also I wanted to give myself a learning exercise in building and maintaining a bike.

    So I found the frame on that well known auction website for £1 so not a bad start…plus a ticket to Hastings to pick it up…another £12. I found ot for some members on here that the frame was a Barracuda Response…one of those types of cheapo bikes that the supermarkets do for something like £99.99 and was advised not to spend much money on it. Which I wasn’t planning on doing.

    Well after many months of searching for some really cheap 26″ disc brakes wheels and even thinking about chucking the frame in the metal recycling some wheels turned up completely free that were being thrown out but a work friend.

    So the bike is sitting on some wheels now but there are some problems that hopefully can be sorted out. It’s sitting on 2 different wheels. The front has one sticker on it saying Shining made in Taiwan…so I’m presuming it’s some sort of cheap alternative to anything else but it is sound, fitted with a 160mm disc, fits perfectly and spins well so seems to be in good order. Fitted with a Schwalbe City Jet…just needs an inner tube and I’ll have to do clean or replace the rusty spokes.

    The rear wheel is the problem. Doing a bit of internet searching I’ve found out it’s a Sun Ringle double wide. From reading up a bit, it’s not quite one of those fat bike wheels but sort of fat-ish. I did look around to see if I could find a second wheel the same to replace the front but it looks like they aren’t produced anymore…the Sun Ringle website doesn’t mention them and the couple of cycle store websites I have found that list them say they are out of stock.

    The big problem is that it doesn’t quite fit…the rear brake caliper stops it from settling into the rear drop outs. The rear wheel is fitted with a 160mm disc, the same as the front, but the calliper body is stopping the axle from seating into the dropouts. I can only presume that on the original bike the wheels had 2 different sizes of brake disc front & rear.

    I’ve now removed the calliper so the wheel sits properly but to refit the old calliper or a new one I’ll need to get some sort of adapter to not only move the calliper out, away from the disc but also nearer the wheel as it appears thet the disc and the calliper don’t line up with each other. I’ll have to pop down to my local bike shop in Oxted for them to have a look and for some advice.

    There are other jobs that need doing to the rear wheel…for starters it only has a single speed sprocket on it, so that will have to be changed at some point. Rear derailler needs replacement as well and then we can see if there is enough clearence for the chain past the wheel…I’ve no idea if this double wide wheel will cause any problems and I’m not sure if the axle on this needs replacing as the quick release seems to be a bit loose.

    Once that is sorted out and the chainset is replaced, seat post and saddle and all the cables are fitted up I will finally find out if it’s rideable!!!

  • Cambo

    15 November 2015 at 10:34 pm

    Rear wheel looks interesting, seems to be off a trials bike, although the missing two bolts in the rotor is something I’ve seen a lot of race mechs do to help speed up rotor changes in the pits…. Wonder if it’s intentional

  • Jetmorgan

    5 May 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Well nothing has happened yet with the “not quite a ride” bike…now christened the Itsa Bitza. Mostly because my old basic mountain bike, my Scott Montana, is now awaiting the scrap metal man. To many bits worn out on it and the rear derailleur cable snapped on me so the bank holiday weekend was taken up with looking for a replacement and as my spending limit was £50 I hit Ebay with a vengance.

    However made a bit of a boob after getting fed up with being outbid by a few quid and decided to bid on 2 bikes at the same time to increase my chances of getting at least one bike…but no…all the bidding ends and I find myself with 2 bikes!!! So Bank holiday Monday morning was taken up with a trip to near Redhill to collect one and then head off in the opposite direction to Paddock Wood to collect the other.

    The first is an Apollo Vendetta that was rideable from the outset and I’m using at the moment for the trip to and from work. Needs a bit of tweaking as the gears are a bit hesitant. Also the handlebar grips are worn so they and the bar ends I’ll replace with longer ones. The tyres will be replaced…currently on some Continental Double Fighter II road biased that have lots of splits, I’ve got some replacement road biased tyres on order. Most of the route I take is tarmac but there is a farm track with loose gravel.

    The second bike is a Saracen Savage which is in need of the most work. Firstly I’m going to get the gear shifters replaced from grip shift to trigger shift. I thought I might be okay with the grip shift but after using the triggers on the Vendetta I much prefer them. The other thing is the gear shifter is 8 speed but the cassette on the back is a 7 speed so we’ll get that all matching up. The rear shock is very soft & bouncy so that will need adjusting. But the biggest issue is with the front forks, not sure if the bike has been dropped or banged into but the brake rotor has been rubbing abainst the fork upright and it looks like there might be some binding in the brake caliper. Hopefully it might be a simple fix but it might be a new set of front forks. Once I get to next payday I’ll drop it into my local bike shop and see what they reckon.

    But 2 bikes for a total of £65 I think things could have gone a lot worse….I could still be walking to and from work…not sure the feet would handle 10 miles a day 5 days a week.

  • Gunner

    5 May 2016 at 7:59 pm

    decided to bid on 2 bikes at the same time to increase my chances of getting at least one bike…but no…all the bidding ends and I find myself with 2 bikes!!!

    😆 😆 😆

    Bound to happen. ❗

  • Jetmorgan

    4 June 2016 at 8:08 am

    Well there has finally been a bit of movement in getting the bikes back on the road. Took the Saracen into one of my local bike shops in Tonbridge for a quick bit of advice on the problem of the front forks and the brake disc rubbing on the fork & caliper and they said it could be anything but if they were going to do anything they would want to change the front forks, bottom bracket, cranset front and rear deralliuer gear shifters, rear cassette, wheels & tyres, rear suspension….Probably would have been cheaper to buy the entire contents of their shop!!! So took it home a bit despondent but thought wheel lets get a new front wheel for it and see what happens.

    As I’m on a really tight budget and everything has to wait until payday, steps are going to be small and slow, added to that I’m a complete novice to modern day bike mechanics. But we now have a new front wheel, courtesy of Baldwins cycles (Ebay) and Shimano brake disc (Ebay). Which has solved the problem with the front forks, eliminating the rubbing of the disc on the inside of the front forks & brake caliper. Measuring the width of the axle on the old wheel and the new it seems the old axle is about 5mm narrower between the locknuts than the new wheel, so would pull the forks together when the QR was tightened up. I’m a bit loathe the chuck the old wheel in the bin so as long as I can get a new axle for it, of the right width.

    If that is all sorted then I’ll also replace the rear with a new wheel and a new 9 speed cassette. As I also plan to upgrade the brake and gear shifters with Shimano Alivio hydraulic brake and trigger shifter combo…

    And I’ll keep the old wheels as a spare set…probably have a set of knobbly tyres on for a bit of off road…while the new wheels get a set of road biased tyres for communting to and from work…as long as I can fit a 9speed cassette on the rear inplace of the existing 7speed jobby.

    As for the Itsa Bitsa bike that’s still awaiting me to get my finger out and buy some bits for it…but rebuilding the Saracen with new bits will teach me how to get the Itsa Bitsa done but I’m making a plan on what I want to geto changed on it.

  • Jetmorgan

    22 June 2016 at 8:18 am

    Well a little bit of movement on the Saracen. New brake and trigger shifter pods arrived on Monday. Shimano Alivio’s from Chain Reaction and there clearence sale. Also bought a set of bar ends as well also on special offer, turned up with a couple of small dents in them which was a bit annoying but as they were cheap I can’t really complain.

    Managed to get one set on the handle bars for the rear derailleur and front brake, loose fitted for the moment. I can’t get access to the front derailleur cable holder at the moment as the allen bolt is hidden by the whole front mech and chainrings and I’ve lost my decent wire cutters. I might replace the front anyway as it’s quite grubby & rusty.

  • Jetmorgan

    28 June 2016 at 1:07 pm

    New toy arrived this morning. Will make working on any of the bikes a lot easier from having to work on them upside down.

    New front derailleur also arrived so just need to get the old one off. Then the only large parts I’ll need to get will be a new 9speed rear wheel and a new rear shock. Just odds and sods after that.

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