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  • Rockshox Monarch 3.3

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  • Overthebars

    10 October 2009 at 10:38 am

    Hi, I have a Rockshox Monarch 3.3. Ive just been doing a service on it and when looking through the manual, it wants me to set the IFP inside the shock to a certain distance inside the shock to determine how much oil to put in.

    Now, this distance is determined by the eye to eye distance of the shock by the stroke of the shock. When I measured it, I got roughly 190mm x 51mm. Which going by the manual, this looks about right, however it gives you about 5 different measurements for a few shocks without actually naming which shock they are for. Helpful hey?

    My question is, does anybody else have a Rockshox Monarch 3.3 and do they no the measurents of theres? I have tried to look for the information all over the place, Rockshox, forums, manuals everything and i just cant seem to find it. All Info will be greatly appreciated.


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