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  • Shimano XT V Brake Arms – what the f*** ?

     n3ver3nder updated 12 years ago 4 Members · 6 Posts
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  • 11redrex

    7 May 2009 at 3:48 pm

    Just tried to fit a set of these , and they don’t !

    Anyone had these on their bike ? Is there a special way to make them fit normal V Brake mounts ? Or do I have to buy something else to go with them? I googled them (Shimano XT M750) but there isn;t any mention of a special bolt or spacer or ANYTHING


  • Gunner

    7 May 2009 at 4:02 pm

    Just a quick reply, I have XT “V” brakes on my hardtail and fitting is just as per normal “V” brake, as I had to remove the front XT and replace with a LX as an emergency measure to get out on a ride when I had a problem.

  • Steve Kish

    7 May 2009 at 4:11 pm

    I’ve fitted XT and LX with no problems.

    What’s the exact problem with the fitting?

  • n3ver3nder

    7 May 2009 at 4:12 pm

    So it wasn’t just my frame they didn’t fit, in the end? Gah! I’d have kept them instead of the Tektro’s if I’d have known.

    Is it the little pin bits (that go into the frame) that don’t fit?

  • 11redrex

    8 May 2009 at 4:51 am

    Hey Tim, just read the ebay listing again, never even occurred to me to ask why they didn’t fit 😳

    the mounting posts have a ‘nut’. my old v brakes fit over this nut,and the pin which anchors the spring slots into a little hole next to it.

    The XT’s do not slot over the nut, so the retaining pin doesn’t go far enough into the hole.

    I tried removing the mounting post and replacing it with a bolt, then the pin goes into the hole but the pad bolts rub on the frame.

    Shimmed the arm back to clear the frame, et voila. The bloody things still don’t work !

    There’s no tension in the spring. Seems like there’s something missing from the assembly (not the modulator 🙂 ) like a spacer which would fit over the mounting post ‘nut’, with the hole for the pin in a different position to the one on the forks. Read it slowly and it makes sense.

    I must have looked at a hundred photos of these calipers but I can’t see anything like the postmountboltspacerwithholething I invented above.

    Tim, get on with your revision 😉

    Good photos of a set of XTs here : ::

    EDIT due to finding a cool website ( I like engineering drawings allright ? It’s not pervy, not now I’ve put my penis away.)

    Shimano stuff (which doesn’t help me at all)

    It shows the post mount and hole as part of the fork, Hmmm………

  • n3ver3nder

    8 May 2009 at 7:51 pm

    A bit of ‘amateur’ for you then John, I made this on paint so it’s a bit wank, but it’ll help me explain the problem I had, and why I went for the tektro’s instead

    Ok, the ‘pin-thingy’ at ‘1’ fits into one of the slots at ‘2’. That bit worked for me, at least.

    However, if I remember correctly, on the reverse of the part labeled ‘3’, there’s a little bit sticking out, which on my frame was rubbing at part ‘4’.

    So is the spring tension shot then? I could have coped with the above problem, I think, but I couldn’t get the brake arms to adjust without either the pads rubbing the rim, or the arms sticking out too far.

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