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  • Thursday Evening Ride, 9th July.

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  • Gunner

    9 July 2009 at 7:59 pm

    Thanks to everyone who turned up at the Sporting Lodge tonight for our Evening Ride. It was great to see 2 new members there, Richard on a Bianchi, and John on a Specialized (Tarmac, I think).

    Harry also met us at the Sporting Lodge, having being forced to abandon his cunning plan of joining us at Gt. Ayton, and having to travel down his most hated road in Cleveland, Low Lane, aided by Bruce Springstein IIRC.

    Leaving the Lodge we headed at a moderate pace through Stainton and onto Newby, there was a light wind but nothing to bother us and it was not warm but nor was it particularly cool, in fact it was just right for the type of effort we were putting in.

    Through Ayton, Easby and onto Battersby we rode at a moderate pace, with I’m pleased to say, plenty of banter going on, and Colin dropped to the back of the bunch to chat with John.

    Swooping through Ingleby Greenhow, a rider came out just in front of us from the Easby road and began to pull away, obviously putting some effort in to his riding.

    We obviously had to catch him…………didn’t we………. 😕 😕

    Well, we did, and hung tight on to his rear wheel until Harry decided to come through and pass him just as we entered Gt. Broughton. This was a great little chase, which really picked our speed up along this nice fast section of road, I think we were blasting along at about 30mph +

    A brief stop in Broughton for everyone to catch up and we were off again, through to Busby, Carlton and onto Faceby picking up the pace as we went. Through Faceby and we crossed the A172 for Potto with more position changes in the pack as moved around for a natter.

    As Colin said, this was a lovely evening, before he took off for one of his high speed spurts. Greg and Mark were enjoying themselves on this section with some nice little speed plays going on, as Harry relaxed keeping his heart rate down, and Richard and John were happy just keeping up.

    A mad sprint thorugh Rudby as everyone took advantage of the steep descent by the church to get maximum momentum for the climb on the other side, which we took 3 abreast, with lots of mad gear changing going on……… 😆 😆 😆

    At the top of the climb we peeled off for Middleton, and Harry left us along here to turn for Foxton Grange and Yarm, while we carried on for Hilton and then through to Maltby. I think John and Richard were just starting to feel it now and lacked a bit of power on the last climb up towards Thornton.

    Through Stainton and back down to the Sporting Lodge, I had about 30 mile on the computer at a respectable 17.7mph in 1 hour 47 minutes.

    Nice relaxed ride, and thanks for running through the Garmin with me Harry.


  • Poucher

    9 July 2009 at 8:15 pm

    Really enjoyed the ride tonight lads, good to see some new faces as well, hope you make it a regular occurance.

    I felt a lot better tonight compared to when we did the Osmotherley ride last Thursday and it was great cracking along at 30 mph chasing that guy into Great Broughton 😀

    A few stats :-

    31.2 miles

    1hr 41 mins

    18.4 mph ave

    ( so much for you steady 16 mph ride Gunner, you conned me yet again 😆 😆 )

    36.7 mph Vmax

    1260 calories burnt

    Harry can you set your HRM on the Garmin to your desired upper limit, say 170 bpm and does an alarm go off when you hit it?

    I’m home alone on Monday, so might post in the organise rides sect to see if anyone fancies a spin out on Monday.



  • HarryB

    9 July 2009 at 9:17 pm

    Harry can you set your HRM on the Garmin to your desired upper limit, say 170 bpm and does an alarm go off when you hit it?

    I’m home alone on Monday, so might post in the organise rides sect to see if anyone fancies a spin out on Monday.



    The HR stuff on the Garmin is the thing I use most of all. Because I’m having an easy couple of weeks before the Alps I had mine set to bleep when my HR went over 145bpm. When you do stuff like that you have to be disciplined and back off when it goes to high. It was too high on the climb out of Rudby but only for a few seconds but surprisingly when I went past that bloke at 30mph my HR was 145.

    You can set zones say 140bpm to 155bpm and it will bleem when you drop below and beep when you go over. No question that HR training is the best way to improve your cycling IMHO.

    As for Monday I might be able to go out for a ride. Are you talking during the day?

  • johnrocketfuel

    9 July 2009 at 9:24 pm

    Evening All

    Thanks for a fantastic warm welcome and a fantastic ride. I was happy just to keep up and appreciated the encouragement, great banter and top notch advice.

    Thought I’d lost it when I missed that turn and went skidding down that track but managed to stay upright and the challenge of catching up just pushed me harder.

    Was starting to feel it towards the end however was enjoying myself so much would have happily gone on further.

    All I would say to anyone else reading this forum and thinking of getting involved is don’t hesitate and get on board. Great bunch of lads and absolutely no elite-ism just great crack.

    Thanks again and can’t wait till the next one.



  • HarryB

    9 July 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Great to meet you John and glad you enjoyed it

  • Poucher

    10 July 2009 at 6:52 am

    Thanks for the info Harry, sounds just what I’m looking for, but Westbrooks seem to be about £50 dearer than internet prices, so might have to twist Jason’s arm a bit further up his back 😆

    The Monday ride I’m talking about will have to be after us normal folk get out of day prison ( work 🙁 ) are you still interested ❓

    How much you want for those carbon bars then Harry 😛



  • HarryB

    10 July 2009 at 8:20 am

    How much you want for those carbon bars then Harry 😛



    Colin, I’d be selling the bars and stem together. I’d want £250 for both. The bars alone were more than that. I won’t be selling them until I can get the new ones sorted.

    If you wanted a very pimpy one-piece carbon bar/stem combo I have a very nice set that are surplus to requirements. They are unbranded from Taiwan and they go for over £200 on eBay. You could have those for £100. I also have a very nice carbon bar and stem combo in plain black. Very light and very nice £80 to you. And I also have a fantastic white bar and stem combo. It’s Ritchey wet white stuff. Brand new still in wrappers. Open to offers.

    I’ve also got an incredible set of tri-spoke carbon tubular wheels. You’ll love them.

    OK, I’ll shut up now.

  • ShinSplint

    10 July 2009 at 11:14 am

    Great ride! Good turn out!

    Good to meet you John, hope you get out on regular rides. As we we’re discussing last night, i’ve put up a route for Monday night if you fancy it.

    As me and Harry we’re saying, the miles just fly by when in a group like this, great fun. 🙂

  • Rooney

    10 July 2009 at 11:31 am

    As my 2nd ride with you guys, i really enjoyed it once again! 😀

    Was good to meet you john and sounds like you enjoyed it too. Always a good banta with spirts along the way!

    Really got a buzz from our chase with that guy up to Great Broughton… really got the adrenaline pumping! 😀 😮

    Mondays night ride seems a good route too shinsplint!

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