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  • Thursdays Evening Ride, 2nd July.

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  • Gunner

    2 July 2009 at 8:16 pm

    Well, another cracker of a ride and 40 quality miles under my belt, even though it was a bit hard going on one or two of the climbs.

    I blame yesterdays MTB ride…….. 😳 😳 😳

    Colin, myself, Harry, Greg and his mate Mark, who is new to our evening rides, met at Yarm at 6pm in glorious sunshine, and ruddy scrorchio temperatures.


    As you can see from the above photos, there was the customary homage and appreciation of both Harrys and Colins Pinarello’s… 😆 😆 😆

    Leaving the station we headed for Appleton Wiske and then on through the village to Deighton and Brompton. There was a slight headwind but nothing too severe and although we were going a fair pace there was plenty of banter going on……………

    I can reveal that Harry has bought 2 new frames…. 😯 😯

    So watch this space… 😉

    From Brompton we turned onto the Osmotherley road and hit our first climbs at Ellerbeck, which as you know are little awkward buggers.

    Greg was in good form, as was his mate, Mark, who was riding a Bianchi. Colin and myself ran out of puff a bit trying to keep up with these youngsters, but Harry was just playing cat and mouse with them on these climbs, joking that Greg had brought his “Domestique” to help him beat Harry on the climbs. 😆 😆

    Through Ellerbeck and we were on the run in to Osmotherley with another big climb which goes through the village and up to Sheepwash at Cod Beck. Harry and Mark had blasted away on this climb, leaving Greg, then myself and Colin to come in, for a brief water stop above the reservoir.

    Fast descent through Swainby with the hairpin taking bothe Greg and Colin by surprise. 😯 😯

    The wind was now at our backs and we headed for Crathorne at speed, where we crossed the A19 via the Picton road and made our way for Kirklevington.

    This was a really beautiful evening and we headed back to our start point at Yarm as Colin came through and broke away at the front at speed as we neared the main roundabout.

    He must have wondered where we all went as he turned for the station, being the only one having came by car. 😆

    The rest of us having ridden there all turned at the roundabout with Harry going straight on for Hartlepool, and Greg, Mark and myself all heading for the Sporting Lodge via Leven Bank. 😯

    I had 40 mile on the clock when I got home,

    2 hours 18 min.

    17.2 mph.

    Thanks guys.

  • HarryB

    2 July 2009 at 9:30 pm

    Cracking ride. Doesn’t ot make it just brilliant when the weather is so nice.

    Colin, wre you just making up that eBay Prince thing. Can’t find it

  • Poucher

    2 July 2009 at 9:39 pm

    Its not on now Harry, auction must have ended, but I deffo saw it earlier this week – size 53cm and they called the colour scheme “Fire Red”

    it was just the frame and they had a buy it now price of £1999 so maybe someone has took it off their hands??

    Looked the bizzo like.

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