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  • upgrade recommendations

     thomasraelburke updated 12 years ago 2 Members · 7 Posts
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  • thomasraelburke

    15 January 2009 at 2:01 pm

    hi im new and was wondering if anyone here could give their helpfull opinions.

    basically i have aquired a carrera kracken bike cheap from auction. i am looking to do it up to a good spec. it is in a bad state but the frame is in good condition, and i read that it was a worth while frame to do up.

    i am hoping to keep the deore cable discs if they service up ok, maybe some new cables, pads?

    i was wanting to know if anyone has upgraded a kracken and what will fit and what is good etc.

    i used to ride before but have fell out of touch haha. mainly xc bit single track/downhill.

    i will be trying to get all parts cheap or second hand also. many thanks tom.

    p.s. i know a lot is based on personal feel and opinion but my ideal answer would be

    what you want is this fork, this set of cables, this cranck e.t.c. or look for things in this size and they will fit, i.e cranks, forks. then you have a awesome setup. preferably all often available second hand or cheap enough. thanks again

  • MartinK

    15 January 2009 at 5:05 pm

    Hmm, my suggestions:

    There would appear nothing wrong with it (i.e. broken or worn) – so I would just get out and ride.

    If you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, I would:

    A. Make sure the bike fits you, and is comfortable. Seat, headset & bars all OK for you?


    1, the bike has a suntour fork? That would be my first port of call. Spend £150 in the sales and put a new fork on (I just bought a marzocchi mx comp for £150), and maybe replace the headset whilst you’re in there (may as well whilst the forks are out…the headset fitted will be cheap as chips).

    2. SRAM gears? Great kit…wear it till it breaks! SRAM (imho) is every bit as good as shimano £ for £.

    3. Cable brakes are a favourite of mine – so many mates have problems with hydraulics. Cables are cheap, easy to setup and service. New cable and pads (as you said) may be worth a spend. Most bike shops do a “four sets for the price of three” if you’re staying with the brakes.

    4. Heavy wheelsets/cheapy tyres. I would wear them till they break…Maybe swap tyres for something which’ll be lighter & roll faster in summer…dependant on your usage…

    I’m a fan of “constant upgrading”. Every year I upgrade the weakest link on the bike (Last year I went Rohloff… Forks for me this year…frame in a couple of years). It’s a great way of keeping on top of the bike!

  • thomasraelburke

    15 January 2009 at 8:20 pm

    great reply cheers. there is a lot wrong with it. it was in auction prob nicked and left to get destroyed it only has one wheel for a start but i got it for a few quid! and the frame is sound.

    i will obviously start with a front wheel

    will try and salvage the sram components and deore brakes

    then ride the hell out of it and see what would make it a better ride, it may need new crank and bb. its those and the fork which i dont fully understand with the sizes etc.

    i am wanting to possibly find some bargains for those on ebay or something then pay for them to get fitted profesionally if i dont feel capable. but could i buy any size and get them to fit or how do i figure out which size i need. thanks

  • MartinK

    15 January 2009 at 10:29 pm

    You’ll need a front wheel with a disk hub, and probably a new disk rotor as well then.

    I just bought a 6″ shimano 6-bolt disk from the chainreaction flood sale for £6 – bargain. Maybe worth getting one of those.

    a front wheel with disk hub will be a few £ if you buy new.

    How about advertising for a 2nd hand front wheel with disc hub on this forum?

    There’s a few on fleabay…

  • MartinK

    16 January 2009 at 8:06 am

    it may need new crank and bb. its those and the fork which i dont fully understand with the sizes etc.

    With the bb, take the old one out, the size is usually printed on it so you can order one over the interweb. You’ll probably save a lot of money & hassle doing it yourself unless your local bike shop is (1) nearby and (2) very friendly! A BB will probably be square taper, and only about £15. The labour at the bike shop is likely to double that bill! You will need a couple of “special” tools though…but tool-buying is an investment!

    If you do the bb and cranks together, you will get a deal as a “set”. You can then move away from sq taper if you want…suggest you avoid shimano octalink tho as it doesn’t wear well.

    Only issue with the crank is the length of the crank arms – they’re shorter for smaller bikes. So long as you get the right type (sq taper, isis, octalink) they should fit. You can get a new set (FSA or Truvative will be OK at this price) for £20-£30 which will probably be equal or better to the current ones.

    Forks – the steerer can be a diff diameter (yours will be “normal”). Also look for the mounting of the brake caliper…there’s a couple of options such as “post mount”. Don’t get longer forks because you think you’ll get better suspension…the frame’s geometry is designed for a specific length of fork…yours will probably be 100mm travel. The forks you have will be around the £60 mark to replace (new), but for an extra few £ you can get into marzocchi/sochshox territory…

  • thomasraelburke

    16 January 2009 at 6:33 pm

    thanks mate great stuff loads for me to be getting on with there. i reckon i will have a go at doing it myself, i reckon theres plenty of tutorials on youtube and the rest. and really its half the fun isnt it taking it to bits and building it back up with fresh clean grease ha. i saw that wheel on ebay but might put a post on here aswell as you suggest and see what i can get. cheers again hopefully ill be out riding soon.

  • thomasraelburke

    18 January 2009 at 1:38 pm

    thanks all. i ended up selling the kraken and buying a commencal frame. obviously theres more to do(it being frame only). but with the postson here i think ill do fine. cheers guys maye ill put pics on when its done. once again any reccomendations welcome.

    its the absolute cromo frame (i got the kracken for £2 then sold it for the price of this!)

    im thiking of running a single speed in front cassette in back

    thats as far as i have got haha

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