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  • Gunner

    21 July 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Great read, Richard. Thanks. 😀

  • Richard A Thackeray

    21 July 2017 at 7:56 pm

    Great read, Richard. Thanks. 😀

    NO, thankyou

    I have 3 days left to travel around again


    On Sunday, one of the local Clubs is organising a ‘CX Fun Day’ shortly

    Sunday 23rd July;

    They had a rider in the Tour de France, a few years ago, who won a few stages

    (born in the same village, as me, & I know & , still see his sister every so often)

    I may go along, & watch, or………… drag the bike out of the garage, & participate

    However, it’s been two years since I last raced CX, & that single race was my first since 2009)

    Got to admit, I know I’ll get hammered out there!

    I may be quite ‘bike-fit’, possibly ‘run-fit’, but as for ‘cross-fit’……………………….. forget it!!!

    Should I race?

    After all, I have a CX bike, a club skin-suit (which I guess will stretch over my chubbiness)

    Plus!!, from a Yorkshiremans perspective, with it being a ‘try it’ event, it’s a lot cheaper

    Entry, at the WTC event in 2015 was £14, this is £5 (as cheap as most fell-races!!)

  • Richard A Thackeray

    23 July 2017 at 1:44 pm

    I have 3 days left to travel around again


    On Sunday, one of the local Clubs is organising a ‘CX Fun Day’ shortly

    I rode with ‘WTC’ instead, as a ‘Level 2’

    One of the guys used to work in Chevin Cycles (Otley) a few years ago, & we knew a few of the same people

    And, he was a MTB-er of the 90s too, so there was a chat about that, when we got chance

    Just one girl this time, but, she was also in ‘Penistone Foothpath Runners AC’

    When she told me that, I also knew members of the Club (such as Phil, & Lisa, Hinchcliffe)

    Once more, I was overdressed (long-sleeves & bib-tights), & on the CGR!

    All others were in shorts/short-sleeves, but I certainly didn’t embarrass myself

  • Richard A Thackeray

    20 August 2017 at 7:36 pm

    I’ve had a few rides recently, but neglected to write them up on here 😳

    So, I’ve copied/pasted a report of todays ride ‘from another cycling forum’

    (ask me, if you want to know which)

    Thus, there may be a few allusions to previous reports, which are no good here

    Off We Go

    Decided, ridden, reported……………………………………..

    Bike selected; CGR (with an ulterior motive, revealed later)

    Weather; Sunny (imtermittantly), windy – but not like yesterday!!

    All photographs taken today, unless captioned otherwise

    Down Castleford Road, towards the M62

    No need to take the usual ‘primary’, at the traffic-lights, that control access at the slip-road (as it was closed, for road-works)

    Under the m-way, past the new Haribo factory

    Pass ‘Voysey Row’;

    And, what must be that H&S agents nightmare…………. ‘DiggerLand’ 😆

    Up to the site of the old Mining College, a wonderful building, now gone

    Into Hightown, passing Castleford & Normanton District Hospital (sold for housing)

    Through Castleford itself

    Out onto Barnsdale Road, crossing the River Aire, & the Canal (really just a ‘cut’ to avoid the Weir & serpentine bends in the river)

    All the way along Barnsdale, over Allerton Crossroads, up ‘Mary Pannal’, heading past Ledston Luck Business Park (ex-colliery)

    Over the roundabout, at Peckfield Bar (the crossing with the A63, Leeds – Selby road)

    Sadly, I’d mistimed again, so had presumably missed ‘60103 Flying Scotsman’, at the Ridge Bridge

    The bridge did rattle a bit, & move, when a couple of artics went over it, as I was stood there

    Further up. I diverted off the new section, that leads up to the M1, at jct 47, by continuing on the old ‘Ridge Road’ that joins up with the ‘Great North Road’ just prior to HookMoor,

    I didn’t go into Aberford this ride, but headed right (north-west) onto Collier Lane, towards Lotherton Hall

    Passing the Hall, I entered the District Of Selby, & North Yorkshire again

    ‘The Crooked Billet’ & Lead Chapel were passed, as was Dam Lane, up into Saxton

    The steady drag was commenced up onto Towton Moor

    A brief stop was made, at the Memorial Cross

    PHOTO 1

    Then onwards into Towton itself

    A group (presumably, as they were being addressed as a group) were in the car-park, of the Rockingham Arms, looking like they off on the Battlefield Trail

    As it was, I headed down, what was the pre-TurnPike road, as evidenced by the name

    PHOTO 2 – from a previous ride

    The ‘OLR’ was, what would at first site, be the archetypal farm/field access track, but then again, that’s all it is now really

    Various informative signs are around the ‘Battlefield Trail’, with the first one denoting the discovery of mass-graves nearby, & the strip-farming still evident in the mounds/depressions of the fields

    At the highest point, there was a spllt, with the Battlefield Walk, now taking a circular path, to head back towards Towton Cross, via various other important points (like the ‘Bridge of Bodies’)

    I followed the ‘OLR’ (or what should be it, via my memory of the OS sheet)

    It started off, as just a gap in the hedge, with a steady descent, changing to rock-steps, as it was seemingly at the bed-rock (it is in limestone quarry territory)

    I’d not call it a full blown ‘Hollow-Way’, but it was on the verge

    The steps would have been an issue, on the ‘blue’ Ribble, with its ’23’ section tyres, but the CGR runs on ’28’ (Schwalbe Durano)

    PHOTO 3 & 4

    When all of a sudden, it opened up, into a little wooded area, with a bridge over the Cock Beck (the one that flowed red in March 1461)

    It was so very peaceful, with barely a sound, even the wind up in the trees over the field was barely heard

    The only downside was the imprint in the mud, of a MX/Enduro bike tyre 👿

    The upside was, that it was probably quiet enough to dispose of the bike, & the body, if he’d returned 😀

    PHOTO 5

    After spending a few minutes, just enjoying the silence, & probably categorising it as my ‘Number 2 Peaceful Place’ (after the PackHorse bridge at Dob Park, north of Otley), it was time to leave

    Climbing back up the other side, was much the same, but without gravity assistance, a ’23’ (possibly?, on a 12-28, 10-speed cassette) was okay for the ascent

    It would certainly have been a test for a team of Horses, heading northwards, that may have last been changed in Sherburn-in-Elmet (circa 8 miles), at the Red Lion

    On the top, it was a rejoin of Chantry Lane, which I last saw at Towton, just after the Crooked Billet, as a bridleway/farm-road

    Which then, became Old London Road

    Through the edge of Stutton, over the A64, with a decent into Tadcaster, where I’d not been since the Tour de Yorkshire started there (Stege 2, & the Womens race)

    I had a bit of a mooch round the back-streets, & a ride along the river-bank to the weir

    Back into to the town-centre, then a ‘stiffening of the sinews’, & a circuitous trip home

    Onto the ‘Tadcaster TurnPike’ (A162, or is it the ‘FerryBridge TurnPike’ here?) I followed that, past the impressive gates into Grimston Park

    A left turn onto Raw Lane, too me towards Ulleskelf, with its ever so gradual descent (1-in-30?)

    Over the railway bridge, & the right fork for Church Fenton was taken, rather than the loop into Ryther & Cawood

    Sadly the hedgerow at the Windmill made it all but impossible to photograph it

    Back past the Gypsum plant, & onto the Bishopdyke Road, by Sherburn station

    A steady-speed ride down the Bypass, to South Milford, & the sight of another connection to days gone by, with thought of the ‘London Road’ sign on a (now disused, since the roundabout) branch of the ‘Tadcaster TurnPike’

    From here, it was a fairly routine route home

    Right (west) at the roundabout with the Selby road (A63), which is even referred to as ‘TurnPike’ on the milestones

    A left, onto Rawfield Lane, to head back towards Fairburn, & another meeting with the ‘Great North Road’, as I passed over, first the ‘new’ A1, then the now downgraded ‘old’ A1, & finally a couple of hundred yards on the ‘GNR’ (right in front of the houses & village School

    Home, via Newton Lane, past the RSPB centre, meeting Barnsdale Road again, at Allerton Crossroads, & home in the reverse order of the start of this elongated tale

    I hope it entertained/informed/enlightened at least one person

    If so, it was worthwhile writing it

    Circa ; 40 miles, & the route is here;

    The End…….

    Until tomorrows ride (still got Monday/Tuesday off work)

  • Richard A Thackeray

    1 October 2017 at 7:18 pm

    Sunday 24th

    Bike selected; CGR

    Weather; overcast. warm, dry, headwind (on the return)

    Photographs from today (Refer to the ‘bold letters’ in the text)

    Under the M62 (jct 31), towards Castleford, up to Whitwood Roundabout

    Straight over into HighTown, over the level crossing on Albion Street, & past the Bus Station

    A brief stop, by Castle Motorcycles, & the (closed) Bridge Inn, to photograph the bench there, or ‘The Forum’ as its known (as in a meeting/talking place, & a nod to the towns Roman history, as a Garrison)


    Over the River Aire, & the ‘cut’ (Canal)

    Out along Barnsdale Road, up towards Allerton Bywater, with roadworks & 3-way temporary traffic-lights on the junction

    Up ‘Mary Pannal’, on what is the ‘HookMoor Branch’

    Past Ledston Luck (old colliery, now a business park)

    Over ‘Peckfield Bar’, & looking into the hedgerow to the right of the road, trying to spot the remnants of the narrow-gauge railway that was there, between Ledston Luck, & the Leeds – York railway

    For a change, I headed up to the new roundabout, on the top side of Garforth (jct 47/M1), with the last exit, towards HookMoor

    (normally, I’d have gone up the old ‘Ridge Road’, towards HookMoor)

    Dropping down towards the A1 flyover, it was a sharp left onto the old ‘GNR’, into Aberford

    Noting ‘The Late Rose & Crown Inn’ on the crest of the hill, before dropping towards the bridge over Cock Beck

    (the right ‘half’)


    After leaving the village, it was a fast sprint, on the A1/A64 roundabout, as it was quite busy

    A turn onto Spen Common Lane, was gladly takan, with an immediate right to the back of the old cottages

    The road in front of the cottages is the ‘Great North Road’, with the junctions kerb-stones still to be seen, from when it was a roundabout

    The big house was the ‘White Hart’ pub

    C & D

    I had intended riding up to Bramham, & photographing there, but timewise, I was limited

    Thus it was a turnaround, into a headwind

    Dropped back down through Aberford, but this time, straight over at HookMoor, & back onto the old (bypassed) stretch of Ridge Road

    I got caught up for quite a while, at Allerton Bywater, whist the contractors rearranged cones & temporary traffic-lights

    No worries, I still had time in hand

    Once back in Castleford, it was a slight detour, via Bridge Street, towards Lower Oxford Street, to see which estate agents was selling a favourite house of mine (I’d seen the sale notification, via Wowhaus, on FaceBook)


    A reasonable little ride, if a bit overdressed (‘summer’ bib-tights, & long-sleeve club jersey)

    I could have used the Gran Fondo, but what the heck!!

  • Richard A Thackeray

    5 October 2017 at 8:45 pm

    Just a potter about this morning, on the CGR

    I did head along part of the ‘Trans-Pennine Trail’, between Methley & Woodlesford (Lemonroyd, I think?) Lock, along the River Aire. for a distance, leaving it via Bollough Lane, back to John O Gaunts

    This map (below the image, is the approximate stopping place for my image, but that photograph is looking in the opposite direction

    Quite wet/muddy along there, in patches, it made the section………………. interesting…………….

  • Richard A Thackeray

    24 December 2017 at 7:57 pm

    Bike selected; CGR (as I knew there’d be damp/mucky roads)

    Weather; overcast. quite cold, mainly dry, west wind on the return

    Photographs from today (unless captioned otherwise)

    Didn’t really have as much time as I wanted (until I got home, & found I could have had more)

    Down under the M62, at Whitwood, avoiding the diesel patches, smellable though!

    Up along Whitwood Common, past Voysey Row & the RIsing Sun

    (architect CFA Voysey)

    Thursday 24th June 2004

    PHOTO A & B

    Then the short climb to Whitwood Roundabout, where the Mining College was located (now demolished, & houses built)

    A drop into Castleford, over the level crossing on Albion Street, past the Burberry sewing factory

    Once in the bottom of the town, past the Flour Mill (largest Stone Ground Mill, in the world)

    Over Hartleys Bridge (1808), spanning the River Aire

    Up the continuation of the Roman Road, here as Barnsdale Road

    Over the cross-roads at Allerton Bywater

    Up ‘Mary Pannall hill’

    A right turn onto Back Newton Lane, with the ‘roller-coaster’ that it brings, by the junction that leads into Ledston


    Into Ledsham, past the famous (for its 6 day licence, of many years!!) ‘Chequers Inn’

    Up New Road, opposite, with it’s slightly oddly named Hill Top Cottage…………… at the bottom

    Given the name, any access further up the lane would probably have been to the private estate of Ledston Hall?

    (but it is shown in entirety, joining the Great North Road, on a 1908 OS map)

    Once the top of this glorious drag, is reached, a right turn takes us under the Great North Road (old A1), then a bridge over the new (m-way standard) A1

    On a clear day, the twin-towers of York Minster can be seen, from the bridge

    Squires is just through the double s-bends

    A call for a cuppa. & a look to see what equipment is there

    Not many, but given the day, I guess most of them are under orders, & at home with families?

    iPhone photo, so not as good as others


    There was an interesting old Royal Enfield, investigation shows it to possibly be a 1923 model; a 225

    With rod actuated front brake, & wooden brake blocks!!

    PHOTO E & F

    After a brew, & natter, to a couple of the bikers there. I usually have a conversation with someone, sometimes about the lightness of the Gran Fondo (to their eyes), or the hydraulic discs of the CGR, it was time to leave

    A right out of the pub (as that’s what it was, prior to the café moving there), then another right onto Gorse Lane, which always makes me think of the ‘Spring Classics’ with its rolling nature, broken surface, & generally mud-covered tarmac

    Thursday 17th November 2014


    Then back round past Steeton Hall Gate-House, & into South Milford

    Onto Westfield Lane, then a turning into Lumby

    Cross over the A63, just west of the roundabout with the A162 ‘Tadcaster Turn-Pike’, & head towards Fairburn, on the very windswept Rawfield Lane, crossing the ‘new’ A1 once more

    Fairburn is entered via a roundabout at the ‘old’ (dual-carriagewayed) A1, I well remember the flyover bridge here, with traffic lights on it

    Then a very short stretch of the ‘Great North Road’, that was also a village street, with pubs on it, and the School

    Down past the RSPB centre, at Fairburn Ings, heading back towards Allerton Bywater cross-roads

    Into Castleford, & home the same way as I entered Castleford, but with a nasty headwind

  • Gunner

    24 December 2017 at 8:08 pm

    Well done Richard. 😀

    I had a quick run out on the Cannondale Synapse Disc, just had the Avid disc brakes replaced with Shimano ones and what a ruddy difference, much, much better.

    Damned windy when I set out, in fact it remained damned windy all day.

    Light drizzle and very mucky back roads, but plenty of riders out all giving, and receiving a very cheery “Hello”. 😀

    Ruddy bike was filthy when I got home, but could only manage a cursory rinse and a chain lube as had so many jobs to do.

    Shame as it turned out to be one of those days when you coud have just stayed out. 🙄

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