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  • bobnsam

    7 May 2008 at 7:38 am

    I have been discussing this on the Konaworld forum also.

    I found a Park Tool lock ring spanner with 5 teeth that would do the job perfectly – for £15.99

    Hearing that the lock ring may be very tight and both lock ring and BB may have to be spun at the same time – makes me wonder if this isn’t the job for the experts? Does anyone have any experince of this ?

    Does anyone know why all BB help relates to a sealed BB cartridge or a lock ring and “cup” – but no one ever mentiones a lockring and sealed cartridge like the Kona Fire Mountain?

    Also – I have seen images of BB’s with really deep splines and the BB tool really sits in the grooves. On the Fire Mountain the slines are very shallow and the tool doesn’t appear to want to stay in them.

    Thanks for any help


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