Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions along with their answers.

How can I hide activity updates from others?

When publishing a new activity update you can control the audience that can view it by using the small dropdown box which appears alongside the “Post Update” button. You can also change the privacy settings of past updates by clicking the privacy icon underneath their titles.

How can I hide certain content from my profile page?

If you’ve added additional content to your profile, such as your name or a bio & you wish to restrict its display to other users, you can do this by clicking your profile picture in the top navigation & selecting “Account” -> “Privacy”.

How can I prevent certain users from contacting me?

If there is any member that you wish to prevent from contacting you, simply visit their profile page & click on the “Block” option. You can also report members via their profile pages if you believe they are breaking the community guidelines.

I’m having technical problems, what should I do?

If you’ve found yourself facing a technical problem or noticed a glitch on our platform then please reach out to us via our contact page & we’ll work to resolve it as quickly as possible.

I’ve noticed some spam or inappropriate content, what should I do?

We try our very hardest to keep the Cycling Addicts community clear of spam & inappropriate content but it’s a mammoth task & from time to time, some may happen to slip through the net. Therefore, if you’ve noticed any content that you believe shouldn’t be published on the platform we encourage you to use the “Report” links to make the moderation team aware of it. Alternatively, where a report button isn’t available or relevant, you can also reach out to us directly by using the “Contact” link at the bottom of the page.

Some content I published has disappeared, what happened?

If you’ve published some content to Cycling Addicts, such as a forum post, activity update, for sale listing & have found that it has later disappeared, it has likely been removed by our moderation team who deemed that it didn’t fall in line with our guidelines.

What are “Community Points”?

Community Points are points that are earned for being active within the Cycling Addicts community. Points are awarded for things such as logging into your account each day, engaging in discussions & sharing content with other members. Points can be deducted if your content is reported or deleted by the moderation team. Members that have more points are typically viewed as more experienced members.

What protection do I have when buying through “Buy & Sell”?

Cycling Addicts offers no buyer protection for purchases made through the “Buy & Sell” section of the platform. Listings published are not screened or endorsed by Cycling Addicts. Any viewings, purchases, etc, are made at your own risk. We strongly advise that you perform due diligence prior to engaging in any purchases & always take the approach of that “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is“.

Why has my for sale listing disappeared?

All listings published in the Cycling Addicts “Buy & Sell” section automatically expire after a set period of days. This is done to prevent any sold or outdated ads taking up space in the system. If you still have the item for sale you may simply relist the item again after it has expired.

Need More Help?

If your question hasn’t been covered above, you can reach out to us via our contact page.

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